Hide & Seek Game
- Beacon Beacon

One person is ‘it’ and is the seeker. They have to close their eyes and count to 50 while the other players hide. The seeker then goes to look for the hiders.

When the seeker finds a hider, they call out the hider’s name and the hider is caught. The caught hider then has to go to jail - a pre-designated room and starts calling out beckon, beckon. When the other hiders hear beckon, beckon, they know there is a captive in jail and can go into the jail room and wave at the captured hider to free them.

If the seeker catches another hider in the room with the captive, both the captive and the person trying to free the captive are caught, and must remain in the room. Captives can aid the other hiders by calling out where the seeker is, so the hiders know when it is safe to enter the jail area.

The game ends when the seeker has made everyone captives.

How to play Beacon Beacon hide and seek game.

See the rules to Beacon Beacon (bekkan bekkan) in the sidebar.

This makes a fun indoor game in bad weather and can also be played outdoors.

This game is another form of tag which is great fun.