Cool Cubes


Cool Cubes

For your next party, you can make cool looking ice cubes to put in the drinks.  You will need:

-ice cube trays (Some stores offer trays with cubes in different shapes) - use filtered water

You can add your favourite combination of any of the following:  (Make sure everything is washed/clean)

-Berries:  Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, maraschino cherries (pick what will go best with drinks you are serving or your party color theme)

-Grapes – green, red, concord, black (seedless)

-Small flowers or plastic flowers

-Oranges, Limes, Lemons – slice thin then cut into halves or quarters to fit in tray

-Colourful candies – jujubes, gummy bears, skittles, tart n tinies, etc.

-Small plastic toys that go with your theme


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You can also make the cubes colourful by adding some food coloring: You can stir a color thru the water evenly, then put the water in the tray.  Or, you can put water in the tray & place it in the freezer, then just add small drops of color without stirring.  It makes a cool – uneven pattern in the ice.

You can also make flavoured ice cubes.  For example, you can freeze lemonade in the trays (with little slices of lemon) and then add them to Sprite or Club Soda.  Make sure that little kids don’t get these ice cubes as they can choke on any small pieces.



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