Happy Easter!

Hope you get lots of chocolates and treats for Easter!

Easter Bunny

Easter Sunday is a day that kids look forward to. Finding eggs and chocolate bunnies is part of the fun!

Easter marks the end of Lent and Easter Sunday is also known as the Penticost Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, or the last day of fasting and prayer. The religious background celebrates the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Day.

The first Sunday after the full moon is when Easter is celebrated, so it falls on a different day every year sometime between March 22 and April 25.

Decorating Easter eggs is a common tradition among many Christians and is a fun part of the season.

The Easter Bunny (aka Spring Bunny) brings baskets filled with colored eggs, candies, chocolates and even toys to the homes of children.

The Easter Bunny was originally known as the Osterhas derived from the German word meaning Easter bunny.