Healthy Party Snacks


Instead of the same old chips n pop, why not try some healthy, colorful fun food ideas for your party.

Veggies & Dip (Try yogurt dips, hummus, salsa, etc.)

Fruit Kabobs (see video)

Fruit trays with dipping sauce


Multigrain chips with salsa

Crackers (whole grain) & cheese (low fat) - You can also have fresh sliced pears or apples to put on the cheese & crackers



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Frozen yogurt sundaes with fruit toppings

Popcorn (low fat – microwave)

Assorted Nuts (check for allergies first)

Homemade Party Mix – use whole grain cereals, dried fruits, sunflower seeds, and (if there are no allergies) nuts. 

Try to use different colors – dried red cranberries, raisins, light & dark nuts, green seeds, etc. to make the mix really appetizing.