For 2 or more players
Deal 8 cards to each player.  Put the rest face down in the middle, but turn one card up.  That card shows the suit in play.  You can place a card from your hand on top of that card if it fits one of 2 rules: it must be the same suit or it must be the same number.  (eg: – if the 6 of hearts is turned up, players could play any heart card or any 6).  The 8’s are wild and you can use an 8 to change suit.  If you can't play a card that is in your hand and don't have an 8, pick up a card from the center pile.  Play that card if you can.  Otherwise, the next player goes.  The player that gets rid of their cards first – wins.

Variations:  To make the game more exciting, try the following:
Jacks:  If someone plays a jack (must follow suit), the next person must skip a turn. 
Two’s:  If someone plays a two, the next player must pick up 2 cards before they can discard. They can also place a 2 over that 2,and the next player must pick up 4 cards,
.. and so on.