pig card game

For 4 or more players
Each player starts with 4 cards.   The rest of the pile goes face-down in the middle. The object of the game is to get 4 cards the same (example: 4 aces, 4 jacks, etc.)  The first player to get 4 cards the same must stick out her tongue.  Other players must stick their tongues out as soon as they see someone else doing this.  The last person to stick their tongue out is the loser.  The other players don’t have to have 4 matching cards in their hand – they just have to keep an eye on the other players while playing & while trying to get 4 themselves.   (This is a multi-tasking game: you have to keep an eye on the cards and the other players.)

To play:  The dealer begins by taking the top card from the pile.  If the dealer wants that card, they put it in their hand and discard another card (every player must always have only 4 cards in their hand).  The dealer passes the cards she does not want to the person on her left.  The person on the left can either keep the discarded dealer card (and throw out one of their own) or pass the discarded dealer card to the person to their left.  On and on it goes around the circle – the dealer keeps picking up and selecting or rejecting cards, and everyone keeps passing them along, also selecting or rejecting them.  When the last person in the circle discards a card, they turn it face-up on the side, so players know which cards are dead cards (so they won’t still try to get 4 of those).