For 4, 6 or 8 players
Team up into pairs.  The object of the game is to get 4 cards in your hand that are all the same (example: 4 queens,4 fives, etc.)  Sit in a circle with team partners across from each other.

To play:  The person that dealt says “Go” and each player has to try to pick up a card they need that is face-up in the middle.  After a player takes a card, they then have to discard one card face-up in the middle.  This keeps going with players taking & replacing cards till no one wants the cards that are in the middle.  The dealer then say “1, 2, 3, dead.”  He then removes the 4 cards from the middle and replaces them with 4 new cards from the deck.  Play resumes again until no one can play, in which case the dealer can call the cards dead again, and replace them with 4 new ones.

To win the game, you or your partner must have 4 cars that are the same in your hand.  Prior to starting, you and your partner must make up a signal to communicate when you have reached your goal of having the matching cards in your hand.  When you get 4 matching cards, you have to give your partner the signal.  If your partner calls “Signal” your team wins.  If another team thinks you are giving the signal, they can say “Block” before your partner says signal.  If they did block you and you have the 4 matching cards in your hand, then the team that blocked you wins.  If they called block and you didn’t have 4 matching cards, then the person who called “Block” has to trade their 4 cards for the 4 cards in the middle.