For 2 players
Hand out all of the cards to both players.  Players do not look at their cards - they place them in a pile, face-down, in front of them.  Once both players are ready, say “1-2-3” and both players turn over their top card.  The person that has the highest card (Ace is high) wins both of the cards that were flipped over.  If both players reveal the same card – that means war.  They then each take the next 3 cards from their deck and place it on their tied card.  Then they turn their next card over on top of that pile.  Whichever player now has the highest card, takes the other player’s 5 card pile.  Play continues as before, doing war each time there is a tie.  When you have used all the cards in your pile, take the cards you have won, shuffle them and turn them face-down to continue playing.  The winner is the player who gets ALL of the cards.