Pen and Paper




Beetle Mania


You will need a dice, pencil and paper for each player On one piece of paper, draw a circle and divide it into 6 pie slices.  Inside each pie, write one of the following:
1. head
2. one leg
3. one eye
4. body
5. one feeler
6. tail

Take turns tossing the dice.  When you get a number on the dice, you can draw that body part for your beetle.  You will need 1 body, 1 head, 1 tail, 2 feelers, 2 eyes and 6 legs to draw a complete beetle.  If you land on a body part you don’t need, you do not get to add to your drawing for that turn. 

Players keep taking turns until one player has drawn a full beetle and that player is the winner. More challenging:  You must get a head before you can add eyes or feelers, and you must get a body before you can add legs or a tail.