Hangman game

Play Hangman


One player is “it” and thinks of a word or phrase in his head. He then draws a dash on a piece of paper for every letter of the word. So a 6 letter word would have 6 dashes.

If there is more than 1 word, leave enough space between the words so players can guess where one word ends and the other begins. The other player/players take turn guessing letters. When a correct letter is guessed, the letter is put in wherever it appears (for instance – if the phrase was Fit For a Feast and the player guessed F, you would put it in all 3 places).

If the player guesses a letter that is not in the puzzle, write the letter near the hangman`s pole and add a body part as follows: head, body, leg, leg, arm, arm, hand, hand, foot, foot. If the person solves the puzzle before all the body parts are drawn, they win. If the body parts are all drawn first – the player is `hung` and loses.