Zig Zag




Zig Zag Game


2 Players
You will need paper and a pencil to make a big grid. Make a row of dots that are evenly spaced (for example – 12 dots – each one 1 inch apart.)

Now make another row 1 inch under that one – putting a dot to line up with each dot in the top row. Continue till you have 12 rows of 12 dots. The first player draws a line between any 2 dots that are next to each other. Lines can be drawn up, across, or diagonal.

The next player can start at either end and connects this line to the next dot. Players continue to take turns adding to either end of the line. The trick is that you cannot cross another line and you cannot make a closed shape.

If a player can’t draw a line without doing those things, they are out and the other player wins. You can also play this game with chalk on a blacktop.