You Go Green!

Litterless Lunches

Packing Eco-Friendly Lunches

Think of all the kids in all the schools around Canada, the U.S., the world.  Now think of how many lunches that would be and how much garbage would be created if every kid had plastic wrapped treats, disposable water bottle, foil wrappers, etc.  Now, times that by all the school days in a year.  Imagine the pile of garbage that would be created just from school lunches!

 Many schools have started litterless lunches– packing items in reusable containers so you don’t create waste.  Even if your school hasn’t started a program, you can still you’re your lunchbox ‘green’ and help save our planet. Here are some tips to share with your teacher, family and friends:

-First you need an insulated lunch bag or cooler.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Some are really cool – so make sure to put your name on them so nothing goes missing.  Also, be sure to wash it out each night so it stays clean and free of bacteria.

-Get a variety of reusable containers.  There are some really cool lunch containers, like ones that offer compartments, freezable lids and even salad shakers.  There are also many shapes and sizes of reusable ice packs – thin, bendable, sports balls, etc. These are great for your lunches and double as an ice pack if you get injured while playing! Click here to see a list of some of our favourite reusable items.

-If you don’t have a microwave oven at school, get a thermos.  You can use it for hot lunches, healthy soups, leftovers from dinner, etc.

-Get a reusable water bottle.  It can be a sports bottle or stainless steel.   Disposable plastic water bottles create a lot of waste, and can release toxins into your water if they get too hot or are frozen.  Wash your bottle out often, and don’t leave the water in there for days – put in fresh/filtered water every day.  Add some ice cubes to keep it cool longer.  (Never refill disposable water bottles.)

-Get plastic cutlery that you can wash & reuse. 

-Cloth napkins can be washed or reused and look fancy.  If you use napkins or paper towels, try to use ones made from recycled material.  Don’t forget to put them in your green/biodegradable bin when you are done.

If your school does not recycle, see if they are willing to start.  Also, try to get a teacher or school staff member help you start a litter-less lunch program at your school.