You Go Green!

Neighborhood Cleanup

A successful Neighbourhood Cleanup involves getting volunteers together to pick up trash in a specific area.  You may want to focus on schoolyards, vacant lots, or any public spaces.  Here are a few tips on how to organize your Neighbourhood Cleanup:

  1. Meet With Your Neighbours
    • Decide on the date.  It’s always good to pick a rain date as well.
    • Appoint people to handle the following positions: 
      • Cleanup Coordinator to help recruit volunteers
      • Publicity Coordinator to coordinate the distribution
        of posters, flyers and notices in local newspapers
        or newsletters.  You may want to approach local
        vendors to donate beverages or giveaways for
        the volunteers
      • Coordinator for the actual day to direct the volunteers


  1. Develop a plan for the Neighbourhood Cleanup


      • Estimate the number of expected volunteers
      • Decide on the boundaries, time and place
      • Choose sites to be cleaned
      • Decide if any special equipment is needed


       3.  Contact your town or city   Submit to the proper local office what your plan is and they will readily offer any supplies and/or crew to help out.  That is also where you will be able to reserve a dumpster.  Usually they are delivered up to two days before your cleanup and are picked up two days after.


  1.  On The Day  Don’t forget to take before and after pictures.  Plan a celebration afterwards.  Once again, local vendors would more than likely be happy to contribute to the event.  It’s motivating for your neighbours to see what a difference they have made.


      5.    After your Cleanup  Remember to send out thank you notes to any donors and special helpers.  Educate your neighbours on ways that you can help keep the neighbourhood clean on a regular basis.