Natural Nutritional Makeover

More Tips for giving your recipes a natural nutrition makeover

    • Organic/free- range turkey/chicken are leaner because they are exercised more.

    • Wash and scrub all fruits and veggies with a natural soap and a veggie brush, especially if not organic.

    • When baking, replace half or all of the fat in your recipes with puréed fruit like applesauce or mashed bananas.

    • Add more fibre to your recipes by using whole grains and adding ground flaxseed / hemp to your cookies, muffins and breads.

    • Use 25% less of the fat, salt or sugar required in your original recipe.

    • Substitute cream with 1% milk, almond, soy or even tofu in your recipes.

    • Add garlic, onions and herbs and less oil to enhance the flavour to your cooking, especially fresh coriander at the end.

    • Eat healthy dips like hummus, white bean or black been dips instead of processed or fattening ones.

    • Substitute artificial candy with dried fruit and real liquorice from your local health store or bulk barn.

    • Purchase nuts (if no allergies) plain or in their shell. Shelled nuts are fun to crack open, and have less unrefined oils and salt.

    • Eat healthier toppings like salsas or other fruit sauces.

    • Store foods in glass containers - not plastic wrap.  This is healthier & better for the environment.

Bon Appetite!

*Information provided by Mary Robertson, RHN, RNCP,
Specializing in Natural Nutrition for all stages of Life