9-holes rules

This is an ancient Egyptian game that has been around over 6000 years! 
Two players
You will each need 3 poker chips, coins, bottle caps, etc.  Make sure each player has a different color (so 3 red, 3 black or whatever) so you can tell who`s markers are whose. 

Make a large square then draw a line in the middle from left to right, and another line in the middle from top to bottom.  This will make the big square into 4 smaller squares.  Place a circle at the points where any lines intersect.  (There should be 3 lines on each row – left, right & center). 

Nine Holes

Video arriving soon

chalk games for kidsOne player goes first and puts their color piece on one of the circles. The other player goes next, and so on, until all 6 pieces are on the board. Now players take turns moving their pieces – you can move one spot left, right, up or down – but not diagonal. The goal is to get your 3 pieces lined up (like tic tac toe) either horizontally or vertically. The first player to get 3 in a row is the winner.