Bottlecap Bulls Eye


Players: 3+
You will need: chalk to make the target area and 1 shooter per player (a bottle cap or small rock)
Draw a circle that is 1 foot across.  Draw a bigger circle around it and a bigger circle around that one.  Put the number 20 in the center bulls eye, 10 in the middle circle, and 5 in the largest, outer circle.  

Decide how far away players must stand from the target.  The further away, the more difficult the game becomes.  Players take turns to toss their shooters at the target.  If a shooter misses or lands on a line, they do not score and the next player goes.  If you land on the bulls eye, you get 20 points and another turn.  If you hit another player`s shooter, you get 10 bonus points. 

Once all players have gone, and scores have been marked, players gather up their shooters and the play starts again.  The first player to reach 100 wins.

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