Badminton Bullseye

badminton bullseye






Badminton Bullseye

You can play badminton the traditional way – with rackets keeping the shuttlecock (badminton thingy) up in the air.  Or you can try this bulls eye variation:
You can play with as many players as you like
You will need 1 badminton shuttlecock & some chalk to make circles.  (You can also make your own shuttlecock for the game by sticking some feathers into a ball of clay)

Draw a circle about 6 inches across for the bulls eye.  Draw a bigger circle around that one – allowing for about 6 inches of space between the inner circle and the second circle.  Draw a bigger 3rd circle – leaving another 6 inches between it and circle 2.  Finally, draw a 4th circle which is the biggest one.  Write the points value inside the circles as follows: 10 points for the bulls eye, 5 for the 2nd circle, 3 for the 3rd circle and 1 for the outer circle.  Draw a line about 2 meters away from the circle – this will be the line everyone throws from.  You can make the game easier by placing the throwing line closer, or make the game harder by drawing it further away. 

Each player takes 1 turn to throw and records their points. If the player gets a bulls eye, they get to go again.  The ball or rubber part of the shuttlecock must be completely in the circle to score.  If it touches a line, the points don’t count.  The first player to get 100 points wins.