Amazing Race 2


    – this game is best played in a school with designated classrooms, a camp
with designated cabins, or a street with designated neighbor houses. 

Call each area (house, room, cabin) a different country name.  Each country will have its own set of challenges for the players.  Players are assigned to teams and are assigned a color or number, or come up with their own name. 

Teams should wear something to identify themselves:  same color t shirts, hats, leis, racing number bibs, etc.  All teams must know the rules and be given a starting point.  Teams must complete every challenge - first team back wins.  (To make it more fun & less competitive, you could also have prizes for the runners up – best job on one task; most giggling; most style, etc.). 

You can also have an adult or observer go with each team to make sure they don’t get lost & that they do all the challenges.

Teams are each given an envelope at the start of the game.  They each start at different houses and must visit each house in the order as planned.  Challenges at each house could be a list of questions, a game, or a challenge of strength or speed. 













Once a team completes the challenge, they are given an envelope which tells them their next destination and challenge.  (Each station should have envelopes marked for each team number/color). 

You can make up tasks for each station based on the things that are already there.  For instance, if one station has a basketball net, the challenge could be to have every team member shoot 2 baskets. 

You could have a challenge particular to a country – if one station is “Switzerland” you could have each team yodel.  For Canada, you could have a hockey net where teams would have to shoot the puck to score. 

Have fun making up the challenges.  One station could always be a brain challenge – unscramble words, think of 5 city names from that country, name 10 places that start with the letter “S”, etc.

Have the party giver’s house/clubhouse/gym as the final destination and return base.  Have welcoming signs & prizes for the teams with lots of cheering!.