Amazing Race 1

       For any age. Set a time limit and have some adults/judges who can follow         teams and assign points (and leave the area in order for the next team).    
   Prepare your list of things to do in advance, and make copies for each guest or team.   Go through your house and choose the rooms where you want the hunt to take place.  Some rooms will be for specific tasks, (for example – a room with a pool table, a pool, a kitchen) but other rooms, outdoors or hallways can be used to set up extra stations.  Set up all the tasks in advance and test them out.  Write down the 10 to 15 challenges, depending on the time limit.  Players must do all of the tasks.  You can give 1 point for every minute they finish early. 
Use your imagination and things you have around the house. Some suggestions:

Pool area:  Have a fishing pole & each team must fish a ring out of the pool.  Or, have a large floating ring or tube for players to throw a ball through the middle.

Pool table:  kids must shoot the white ball to get another ball in a corner pocket – or must clear 3 balls off table, etc.

Dartboard: (Can be nerf darts).  Each player must get 25 points by shooting at targets.

Jump rope:  Each team member must jump 10 times without missing and then passes the rope to the next player.  You can also make it 5 times backwards.










      Hula hoop – each team member must do 5 rotations of the hula hoop then       pass it to the next player. You can also use hula hoops for targets – like       hang one up and players have to throw a football through it.

Ball challenges: Bounce a ping pong ball on a paddle 5 times without dropping it.  Get a basket with your basketball in the net.  Toss a ball into the garbage can from the shooting line.Bean bag toss:  Get a bean bag toss game or use different size buckets.  Player must get bean bags in at least 3 different holes.

Relay race:  Each team member grabs a golf ball on a spoon and has to race to the other side to deposit the golf ball in a bucket.  That player then brings the spoon back for the next player to do the same.

Do plastic cup stacking.  Each player must build a pyramid from a stack of plastic cups and then put the cups back into one stack for the next player.

Quick change:  Players must change a diaper or change clothes on a baby doll, then pass the doll to the next player.

Short order chef:  Players must read & assemble a recipe or a pattern on a plate -if you have cut veggies – they may have to may a tray based on a color pattern

Designer dress:  Using clothes that are laid out, choose one member of the team and dress them in all the gear (over the clothes that are wearing).