Paparazzi Party


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This is a game that requires adult supervision and 1 digital camera per team.  Players are placed in teams (3-4 per team) and taken to a mall (or other safe event).  Players must always stick with their teams and the adult must set up a home base in a central area.  For younger players, you might want to have an adult to go with each team.

Each team is given a list of celebrities – you decide how many celebrities based on the time limit for the game.  The goal for each team is to try to find mall patrons that look like the celebrities on the list.  When you find someone that looks like a celebrity, ask them politely if you can take their picture & cross that celebrity off the list. 

All teams report back to the home base where the adult/parent is waiting.  There can be 2 prizes – one for the first team to finish and one for the team that found the best celebrity look-alikes.