More Party Planning Tips

   Kids' Parties and Celebrations

Parents want their kids to have a successful party event. Planning a party itinerary in advance is key to assuring that kids are kept entertained and amused during the event. Give yourself at least a month to assure everything runs smoothly on party day.

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Start planning early and select the party date and time while avoiding any holidays or school vacations. Kids parties usually are about 2 hours long.
Next you and the party honoree should make a guest list so you can determine how many kids will attend.

To be really organized, include each partygoers phone contact, RSVP checkmark once they confirm they are attending and finally a gift column where you can enter what type of gift you received. You can then thank them individually with a thank you card or note after the party.

Theme parties create a fun atmosphere so the party host can decide which theme best reflects the mood of the event. Party themes can be created around characters from television, movies, magazine or books. You can also create a party theme related to seasonal holidays or travel destinations.
We will explore exciting new party themes in an upcoming article.

Popular birthday party themes include a Magic Party, High School Musical Party, Star Wars Party, Hannah Montana Party, Pirate Birthday Party or Disney Princess Party. Younger kids always enjoy a Barney or Dora the Explorer theme.

Your event may also call for an entertainer so be sure to book them early to avoid disappointment.

When the event is concluded, your child can hand out the party favors or "loot bags" and thank each guest for coming. These party favors do not need to be elaborate, but just reflect the theme of the day. They can even be handcrafted items made during the party.

Kids' Parties are alot of fun and allow your child to celebrate with friends and family creating a lasting memory. Your advanced preparation and planning will go along way to assuring a successful event and a happy child.