Best Friends


Make one friend player 1 and the other player 2.  Player 1 has to guess all the answers that player 2 will give.  The master of ceremonies will read out 10 questions.  Both players write down their answer (number each question – so you don’t get the answers mixed-up).   Make sure the team members can’t see each other’s answers!

The master of ceremonies calls up the teams to sit together in front of everyone.    One by one, the MC reads the question aloud and each player 1 turns up/reads out their answer, followed by player 2 turning up/reading out her answer.  If the answers match – the team gets a point.  The team with the most points is designated best friends and wins the game.

What is your friend’s favourite color?
What type of ice cream does your friend like best?
When is your friend’s birthday?
What is your friend’s favourite song?
What are your friend’s brothers’ names?
Is your friend a better dancer or singer?
What is your friend’s favourite food?