Brain salesman (2-players)


Monologue – health research
(Holding research-looking papers)

The Brain Salesman (can be done as a skit – but only if everyone has a really good sense of humour) Salesman: Can I help you? Customer: I am looking for a new brain Salesman: We have a discount model on sale for only $50. It used to belong to a hockey player who got hit against the boards a lot. Customer: I think I would like something better. Salesman: Well this brain was owned by a teacher. It costs $500. Customer: I think I want to go even higher. Salesman: Well this brain was from a rocket scientist. It costs $1000. Customer. Wow. – If a rocket scientist’s brain cost $1000 – then who did that brain for $5000 belong to? Salesman: Oh – that was a principal’s (insert principals name here – or troup master or coach) Customer: How come it is so expensive? Salesman: Because it has never been used!!!


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