tree hiders (5-players)

(A geek, a jock and a bully are all in detention together.)

Jock: There is no teacher here now. Let’s all skip out. Geek: We can’t do that. It’s not allowed. Bully: If I go, you go. I can’t have you squealing on us – so move! (They run into the schoolyard, but the principal spots them so they run into the nearby woods and all climb up separate trees. Principal: Go find those boys and bring them back. Now they can do a whole week of detention. Teacher: Yes sir. (The teacher goes into the woods and starts looking up in the trees. The teacher hears a noise in a nearby tree where the geek is hiding). Teacher: Who is up there?

Geek: (chirps like a bird) Teacher: Oh, it’s just a bird. (Teacher continues on). (Then the teacher hears another noise and goes to the tree where the jock is hiding) Teacher: Who is up there? Jock: (makes chipmunk noises) Teacher: Oh, it is only a chipmunk. (Teacher continues on.) (The teacher hears a rustling sound and goes to another tree, where the bully is hiding.) Teacher: (goes to the tree) Who is up there?

Bully: MOOOOOOOOOO! Teacher: Busted!! Three weeks detention for being udderly ignorant!
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