Dessert Parfaits


(Healthy) Dessert Parfaits

4 cups of low fat yogurt –or frozen yogurt - plain or your favourite flavour.
2 cups of granola – or your favourite granola cereal
2 bananas
1 cup of sliced strawberries
1 cup chocolate chips

When you are building your layers, just make sure to put enough of each ingredient to cover the last one you added – so you can see stripes of color thru the glass.


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Using a parfait glass, or other see-thru wide glass, put a layer of granola on the bottom (1-2 tablespoons) Next put a couple of tablespoons of yogurt. Follow with strawberries, then yogurt, then granola, then yogurt, then bananas, then yogurt and chocolate chips on top – or any combination you like.

-Amounts of ingredients will depend on the size parfait glasses you use.  If you don’t like strawberries or bananas, you can substitute kiwi slices, chopped apple, grapes, raisins, sliced peaches – almost any fruit.  You can even have a build-your-own parfait bar for parties.