.... in the kitchen


Kids can become more aware of the dangers in the kitchen and avoid injury:

Each room in the house has it's potential hazards, but the kitchen contains a wide variety of injury causing appliances, utensils and even a slippery floor. Being more aware of our surroundings and taking time to consider these hazards will go along way to preventing injury.

Fire Safety in the Home


The kitchen is one of the more dangerous rooms in the house.  Open flames, hot pots and scalding liquids can cause serious injuries.  Always be aware of what is going on in the kitchen.  Are papers stacked too close to the range or cooktop?  Here are some tips to consider in relation to preventing burns and/or a fire:

  • Keep the gas cooktop away from open windows where wind could extinguish the cooking flames.

  • Keep the stove clear of anything that may be flammable, including napkins, towels, potholders.

  • Keep the handles of pots and frying pans turned inward on the kitchen range so that they won’t be knocked over by accident.

  • Keep baking soda and a fire extinguisher on hand for extinguishing fires.

  • Never use water on electric, grease or oil fires.  Turn off the heat immediately and use a lid or a large piece of metal bakeware to smother the flames.

  • If someone’s clothes are on fire, douse the flames with water or use a heavy blanket to smother the fire.

  • If you can’t shut off the gas before fighting a gas fire, get out of the house immediately.

  • Even if a fire is confined to a frying pan or wastebasket, never spend more than 30 seconds fighting the fire.   Small fires can grow at an alarming speed.