Get your friends together and try out some of these cool new games. We have only listed our favorites that we think you would like.

Board Games - Top New Games

Settlers of Catan Blokus Bananagrams
You're a settler and need to build roads, settlements & cities. It's a strategy game & the board changes each time you play. Strategy Game - Grades K+. Most awarded game of the 21st century. Play against others to get rid of your colored pieces first. Word game like scrabble. You get letter tiles that come in a banana shaped bag. Great for travelling.


Five Crowns Quiddler- word game Buzzword Jr.
This is a fun card game where a different card is wild each round: First 3's, then 4's up to Kings. Like scrabble but you use cards. You must turn your entire hand into words to win. Ages 7+, you get a buzzword and have to solve all the clues to guess the word






Ticket to Ride Scene It Cranium

First in a series of cross country train adventures. Players claim railway routes to connect them to other cities. Ages 8+

Lots of different Scene It game versions. Watch video clips and shout out answers. Cranium lets you bring out your talents to advance around the board. 4 or more players
Carcassonne Game High School Musical 3 Game Hannah Montana Mall Madness
A tile laying game where you develop the area around Carcassonne, France -famous for it's medieval ruins. Ages 8+.Travel around the board with the High School Musical seniors as you prepare for college and final exams. Ages 8+: hit the stores with Miley to find the deals and shop till you drop!