Healthy Lunchbox Ideas


-Help your parent wash & cut fresh veggies & store them in reusable containers in the fridge.  You can pre-pack a variety of your favourite veggies in a container to bring to school.  If you like salad dressing for dipping, pre-pack that in a small container as well.

-If someone is making your favourite recipe, ask them to make a bigger batch.  Then freeze individual portions so you can heat them for school lunch or a quick dinner. (Make sure the food is really hot when it goes in the thermos.  You can even pre-heat your thermos with boiling water to keep foods hot longer)

-Hard boil eggs ahead of time & pack some in your lunch.  They are a great source of protein & will help prevent the munchies in the afternoon.





vegetable plate

-Pre-cut cheese cubes and store them in the fridge overnight. 


Pack them with crackers and apple, pear, cucumber or tomato slices (wrap these separately).  Use a small freezer pack and an insulated lunch bag if you are going to bring milk products or meat.

-Avoid pop and sugary drinks.  Pack water in a reusable bottle, or bring real juice (not a fruit punch or fruit drink).