Skullies Rules




Any number of players
You will need chalk to make the playing field and a shooter for each player (a small rock or bottle cap)

Draw the target as shown in the video here. Make sure the boxes are big enough to stand in. 














The first player stands in box 1 and tries to toss their shooter into box 2.  If they miss the box or the shooter lands on the lines, that player’s turn is over and the next player goes.  If the player does get their shooter inside box 2, that player moves to box 2 and tries to toss their shooter into box 3.  They keep going until they miss and then it is the next person`s turn.  Once everyone has had a turn, player 1 starts again by going into the box they were standing in when they last got out. 

The winner is the player who gets through all 12 boxes and then gets into the skull in the middle.