King's Corner Rules


King's Corner


kings corner





King's Corner

You will need 4 players, a ball that bounces, and chalk to make the squares.
Make a large square about 6 meters by 6 meters (or 6 yards x 6 yards).  Now draw 2 lines in the middle of the square (1- left to right, 1- up to down) so you have divided the big square into 4 smaller squares of equal size.  Write `king` in one of the squares.

Each player stands in a box.  The `king` gets the ball to start the game.  The king must serve the ball by letting the ball bounce once then hitting it towards any of the other players.  The player that receives the ball must let it bounce once in their square then hit it on to any other player – who must let it bounce once, then hit it on, etc. 

Each player starts with 10 lives.  If a player hits the ball and it does not land in another square, the serving player loses 1 life.  If the serving player hits the ball before it bounced in their square once, they lose 1 life.  If the ball bounces twice in one square before it is hit out, the player in that square loses one life. Once a player loses all 10 lives, they are out.  The other players keep playing until only one is left, and that player is the winner.

Easier play:  players can use their hands, feet – or even their head to hit the ball.
Challenging play: players can only use their feet.