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Slalom Ball


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Slalom Ball

This obstacle course ball game can be played on sand, dirt or grass.  You will need twigs to make the gates and a small ball, plus a watch or stopwatch if you are having a race. 

First, mark out a course with the twigs – much like a ski slalom course would be laid out.  You can vary the number of gates and the length of the course.  Use 2 sticks, set a foot apart, to make one gate.  Vary the gates so they are on the left side, then up on the right, then up on the left, and so on.

Players must go through the entire course as quickly as they can by kicking the ball through each of the course gates.  Another player can keep time with the watch – but be careful you don’t skip or miss any gates – that will add 5 seconds on to your score for each one you miss.  Each player does the course twice and both scores are added up.  The player with the lowest overall score wins.