charades game


Write song titles, movie titles, sayings, etc. on pieces of paper, fold & put them in a hat.  There should be a time limit and one point rewarded if the team gets the answer before the time is up. 

If the team does not get the answer, the next team gets a chance to ‘steal’ the point by giving one answer.  If the answer is right – they get the point.

Set the rules ahead of time on what is allowed and what is not. The player giving the clues will usually hold up a number of fingers to show how many words are in the puzzle. The player can also put their hand behind their ear (which means "sounds like -". That player can point at another player if that player has guessed a word that is in the puzzle.

The team must put the complete phrase together before time is up to get a point. Otherwise the other team can give one answer to steal the point.