Nailpolish Spin


Get 5 to 10 bottles of nail polish – the wilder the colors – the better!  Sit in a circle with your friends.  Take the first bottle of nail polish, put it in the middle of the circle, and give it a spin. 

When the bottle stops spinning, see who the top of the bottle is pointing to.  That person picks up the bottle and paints one nail in that color.  Put the next color in the circle and repeat. 

Keep switching bottles and spinning until everyone has all their nails painted.  (If a player finishes early, they should leave the circle and the remaining players should form a tighter circle and keep playing).

If you don’t have nail polish, you can use non-toxic, water based markers.  You can also spin for decals to go on the nails as well, or paint toes instead of fingers.

nailpolish sleepover party