Spill It! circle game


Go in a circle to answer each of these questions.  Everyone must answer before you go to the next question.  An answer cannot be repeated – but you can make a variation on the answer.  (For instance – if the question is what show would you want to star in and someone says, “I would want to be Zack on Zack and Cody, you couldn’t answer the same – but you could say you wanted to be Cody on Zack and Cody.”)

Go around the circle so everyone has a turn being first to answer a question.  For instance, if the birthday girl goes first, then the girl that sits clockwise next to the birthday girl - goes second.   The girl that sits clockwise next to her goes third, and so on.

Next question:  Everyone must take turns at going first.  So the person that had to answer second last time – now goes first.  It goes around clockwise so each new round starts with a new person (in other words, the one who answered second last time is the one who goes first this time.)

see here for question cards to use