Teen Truth or Dare game rules



Print out these cards & cut them into squares.  Turn the cards upside down & make a stack. Make one pile for the Dare cards & another pile for the Truth cards.  The best way is to print the truth cards on white paper and the dare cards on colored paper.

Sit in a circle and take turns.  Each player must take a truth card & read it out loud.  If the player does not want to answer the question, then she can put the truth card at the bottom of the stack & take a DARE card.  Be warned - you MUST do the dare – you cannot pass on a dare – and some are totally embarrassing.

There are also 2 optional “Take a Pass” tickets which are mixed in with the truth cards.  A player who gets a Pass card can use it for that turn, or keep it on the side for later.  If she chooses to keep it for later, she would have to take another truth card to complete her turn.  Any time that player doesn’t want to answer the truth card or do the dare, she can use her Pass card instead. This is the only way someone can get out of doing a dare. 

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