Back to School

School Supplies

Time to gather your supplies for the School Year. Hope you had a great summer!

Lunch Supplies

transformers snack bag for school

Transformers Snack Bag w/ Free water bottle

Rain Gear

rain gear for school

Micro Umbrella by Totes New Compact Design, Great for Carrying Anywhere!

Gym Shoes

Running Shoes for kids, Kids Keen

Keen Kids' Targhee Pre/Grade

Head Start Software

Spongebob Typing Software for kids
SpongeBob Squarepants Typing Software

Featured Kids Backpack

orange backpack for kids

K-Cliffs Sporty Outdoor School Backpack - 5 Colors Available

Boys School Backpacks

Highly Rated Boys Backpacks

Girls School Backpacks

Dakine Girl's Prom Pack

Art Supplies

School Art Supplies

Back to School - Grades 4-6


Hey Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Graders!

Checklist for Back to School Supplies for Elementary School: Grades 4-6

Lightweight Backpack

Insulated Lunchbox with Thermos

Sports Bottle or Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Running Shoes (to leave at school for gym)

Large Pencil Case


2 White Vinyl Erasers

Large Pack of Pencil Crayons

Pack of Pencils

2 Highlighters (different colors)

Electric Pencil Sharpener - see more items below


Computer Software - age appropriate for skills development and extra practice at home. Learn typing skills and more.

Getting a good start when going back to school means being prepared so you can enjoy your new classes, classmates, teachers and assignments without stressing about missing items.

In any case, the first day of school is usually the time teachers will let you know about things you need so in case you don't have the items needed, you can still get them. But showing up for school prepared leaves you more free to concentrate on more important things, so get your backpack and fill it with the school supplies you will need to get you off to a good start.

Grade 4-6 School Supplies 

*your school and specific programs may vary so check with them also for additional requirements.