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Teachers are getting prepared for the school season and putting together lesson plans.

Teacher supply stores abound with a wide variety of supplies to start off the school year right.

Best Selling Backpacks 2012

Best Selling Backpacks
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TrailMaker Backpack for girls

Trail Maker Pink / Purple Spring Flowers Pattern Daypack Backpack / School Bag

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Roxy Dishin It Out Backpack for girls
Back to School Backpacks - large variety including JanSport and North Face.

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Art supplies are needed by both students and teachers. Check with your art teacher for the first term lesson plans and then shop online for your art supplies!

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Back to School 2015!

Parents are usually happy when it is back to school time although not many kids are. But the one thing us kids love is picking out all of the cool new school supplies. Here are some school supplies lists of stuff you will need and great picks for this years hottest gear. And the best thing is that you can get ready early and avoid the last minute frenzy.

Check out our backpack page for our favorite backpacks. We especially like the Roxy and JanSport models. If you are looking for a computer backpack, the SwissGear is nice.





It's still August 2015! - but the start of school is around the corner, so prepare for Back to School by picking out a cool backpack.

See our 2015 Backpack Page or visit:

The Moosejaw Backpack and Outdoor Supplies Store

You can find all your Back to School Supplies Online

Parents are getting smarter too, since the first move of back to school shopping is now going through last year's items to see what can be used this year. Are there any school supplies that can be reused or that are stowed away in a forgotten drawer or cabinet? Assembling all of the items you can find first will lower the shopping tab, which can be an average of $600 or more for grade school kids and $800 or more for college students.

See all different backpacks on our backpack page and an instructional video on what type of backpacks to buy and what to look out for. (having 2 wide straps is a must)

There is also cool rain gear and umbrellas to pick out.

Visit our Backpack Page for updated tips and have a great school year 2013-2014!