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This month's KIDS DVD:


Computer Internet Skills



Computer internet skills are really important now and sometimes they don't teach all you need to know about the internet at school. There are alot of things that can give you great help in life if you understand them on the internet. First, stay safe when surfing the web and avoid any online bullying.

Popular sites include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many blogs and websites. There are photo sharing sites and document sites, learning sites and info sites. Wikipedia seems to have an answer for everything and Google seems to know what you want to find. There's Yahoo and Bing just in case Google messes up, and you can get free email accounts with hotmail, yahoo or gmail.

A free website can be made on and that is a good way to start learning how to build websites. HTML is the language of websites, but it is not that hard to learn. Even people that put things on EBAY can add some html to make their listings look better. This site is built with html.

Kids are making money online by doing all sorts of stuff, sometimes starting with selling off a few unneeded items on ebay!