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What is diabetes?
It is a long term disease that many people will develop. A healthy diet and exercise can help prevent diabetes! Kids that are less active and eat unhealthy food are at risk for getting diabetes, so getting exercise and eating fruits, vegetables and healthy food can help you stay healthy and avoid diabetes.

Natural juices, fresh squeezed orange juice, food that is low in salt and saturated fats, baked instead of deep fried foods and not going to fast food restaurants often can help you eat healthier and feel better!

Types of Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes: This is a disease that affects how the body uses and processes sugar (glucose). From the foods we eat, the body takes out glucose and uses it as fuel and energy we need.
The pancreas (a gland) in the body makes insulin that helps the glucose get into the body's cells and provides this energy.

With diabetes, the body can't make the insulin or insulin does not work in the body like it is supposed to, so the blood sugar level gets very high and that can make you sick.

If someone has type 1 diabetes, they need to get this glucose by taking shots.

Type 2 Diabetes: The pancreas gland still makes the insulin, but insulin it makes does not work in the body.

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