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Hairspray- The making of "The Nicest Kids in Town" for the movie

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Dance Supplies - Stage

Dance Supplies Back Stage Tutorials, Tips for DancersDancers invest a lot of time and practice into becoming the best they can be.

Here on we are happy to provide helpful videos and tips to help with all aspects of being a competitive or recreational dancer.

Dance Capris Pants make a great gift for dancers.

Dance Supplies and Tutorials

We always keep our eye out for discounted dance supplies and may post some deals here.

See the Best Selling Girls Clothing here. 

We will also share dance lessons, dance tutorials, dance makeup tips, hairstyle and competition preparation and lots of other things to help us all become better dancers.

Dance Rules!

What kind of gear do dancers need - Wow, there is a long list of things we need from the dance shop from custom dance costumes to:

Dance Shoes including hip hop dance shoes -

It's amazing how many different types of shoes are needed for different dance styles.

There are capezio dance shoes (like Child Rock or Dansneaker), ballroom dance shoes, latin dance shoes, tango dance shoes, tap dancing shoes, salsa dance shoes, bloch dance shoes, leo dance shoes, character dance shoes, pointe dance shoes, ballet dance shoes, square dance shoes, elegance dance shoes,dancewear, hip hop dance shoes, irish dance shoes, capezio tap shoes, jazz tap shoes, tap shoes, bloch tap shoes, dance tap shoes, bloch dance sneakers, capezio dance sneakers, and did we mention dance jazz shoes?

Well there's salsa shoes, bloch shoes, capezio ballet shoes, bloch ballet shoes, character shoes, ballet pointe shoes, dress shoes, pointe shoes, capezio ballroom shoes, gymnastics shoes, tango shoes, Birkenstock shoes, Capezio character shoes, dancesport shoes, diesel shoes, earth shoes, ecco shoes, jazz shoes, athletic shoes, New Balance shoes and even bare feet!

Some dancers put on a dance sock that helps them with their turns.

Dance Wear

For dance wear types, there is latin dance wear, ballet dance wear, praise dance wear, capezio dance wear, toddler dance wear, irish dance wear, liturgical dance wear, worship dance wear,latin dance clothes, square dance clothing, latin dance costumes, lyrical dance costumes, jazz dance costumes and many more.

Dance Outfits, Attire and Accessories include:

dance bags, dance leotards, dance supply, dance tights, dance belt, girls dance leotards, dance unitards, capris dance pants, capezio dance tights, dance shorts,dance skirt, square dance apparel, ballet shoes, ballroom shoes, ballet leotards, ballet outfit, ballet accessories, ballet clothes, ballet slippers,ballet apparel, ballet costume, capezio ballet, leotard ballet, girls dancewear, capezio dancewear, latin dancewear, ballroom dancewear, liturgical dancewear and dance capris.

We all are on the lookout for discount dancewear and will recommend clothes from time to time when we find a good deal.

There are leotards for dance and leotards for gymnastics, gk leotards, motionwear leotards, black leotards, competition gymnastics leotards and other gymnastic clothes.

There are jazz pants and more costumes and outfits for different types of dance like tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern, ballet and other dance performance styles.

Accessories include dance bags, books, cds and music, dvds and even dance training videos.

Dance Schools all around the world provide the training for us to grow as dancers. There are also some great online dance lessons.

Thanks to all the dance instructors who devote their lives to dance!

Hip Hop Dance Lessons Online

Hip Hop Dance Lessons Online (Beginner Hip Hop for kids, teens..)