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Cha Cha Dance Step

How to do the Cha Cha Dance Step

Julian walks us through the basic steps of the Cha Cha dance. This is a very popular Latin American ballroom dance.  The Cha Cha is believed to have originated in Cuba.  An dance teacher, Pierre Margolie began teaching the steps in England after returning from a trip to Cuba in 1952.  The dance appeared to be the combination of the Danzon and Montuno dances of Cuba, and was similar to a Rumba with extra beats.  The Cha Cha is now one of the main dances performed in international dance sport competitions.

Julian Franch is a top ranked junior Latin American dance instructor.  He was the Junior National Latin American Dance Champion of Canada in 2005.  After winning the championship, Julian became a professional dancer.

Julian began dancing at 10 years old and has been dancing for 8 years.  He won the junior dance championships when he was 14. 

Learn the basic cha cha steps with Julian, Katrina, Sloane and friends and then try these dance steps on your own.

Adults can learn salso too with this step by step online program:

Learn To Dance Salsa In This Step-by-step Downloadable Series From The Best-selling Salsa Dance Company, SalsaCrazy!