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Pirouettes - How to

Pirouettes - How to do a Pirouette

The pirouette is one of the main turns used in dance, so we have made a video just on doing proper pirouettes. 

We show you how to do a single pirouette, double pirouette, triple pirouette – up to 5. As you master doing a single, you can go on to try two, three, and then more.  Don’t expect to get them right away – they take a lot of practice to get right!

We are joined by our friends Rebecca, Marley and Emily for this video.  We show you how to spot – which is really important when you are doing multiple turns.  We also talk about how important it is to control your core when doing these turns.

Learning to spin and turn can be used in many different dance styles and steps, as well as skating, gymnastics, cheerleading and more.  Some of the basic technique in this step by step tutorial shows you tips that can be used with other dance turns, like fouettes and pump turns.

Pirouettes take practice and you should try them in front of a mirror to make sure you are pulled up and doing them properly.  Pirouettes are used in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern and other forms of dance.