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Dance Turns - Fouette,Ballet Turns

There are many different types of turns used in dance.  We show you 5 of them in this video.  For a detailed lesson on pirouette turns, watch our ‘Learn how to do a Pirouette’ video. 

In this video, we show you the different dance turns including foettes, ballet turns, pumps, leg grab turn, chaines, piques and various other dance turns. Dance turns are used often in many different styles of dance including ballet dancing, jazz, hip hop, modern, lyrical and other dance styles.

Turns are part of the basics dancers need to master as part of their "dance step toolkit". These turns are often put into stage performances so practising them will help get them spot on every time. Then you can increase your skills and add the number of rotations or combine the turns with other dance steps.

Fouette turns take practice and there are several techniques that will help you improve. Once is spotting, where you fix your gaze on a particular item in the room and then as you are turning, pick a second object about half-way around to anchor your vision to. Try practicing spotting in a mirror by slowly turning and staying focused on yourself until you can no longer see yourself, then pick an object at the back of the room and keep turning your body until you can go back to seeing yourself in the mirror as you come around again.

A plie will help prep for the fouette turn. Having good core strength is important as this type of turn is assisted by strong abdominal muscles. To strengthen your core, you can try different types of situps. When you get good on one leg, then try the other.

Have fun with your fouette ballet turns.