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Better Dance Turns - Pirouettes

Sloane and Katrina go over some techniques to improve your dance turns. Professional dancer and choreographer Meagan Trainer who is also featured in the Hip Hop Crusher beginner hip hop dance course online, helps out with specific tips to improve your dance turns.

Learn how to make your turns better and have better balance and momentum in order to make mulitple turns.

If you are just beginning, start with the plier-retirer - then get 1 turn perfectly before you try to do multiple turns. Have fun with your dance turns!

Pirouettes for Dance

Turning in ballet and other dance styles involves a technique called "spotting". This is where you fix your eyes on a specific object so you don't get dizzy. Having strong ankles is also important so you don't end up wobbling or falling out of your turns.

Releve is to rise, so that is just going up on the balls of your feet. You want to make sure you have nice posture.

Plier is to bend. Start by picking up your right heel and keep your weight between both of your feet and not too far forward or too far backward.

When you come up in your relever, you need to take your energy and go up and down. This will help you control your turn.

You want to get a nice, strong releve and go into retirer. So you wil get good at plier, releve and retirer :)

Tell us how you are doing with your dance turns or what your biggest challenge is below:


See our video on Pique turns for other tips.