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Hannah Montana Dance
Ice Cream Freeze

Hannah Montana Dance Steps

Learn to do the Ice Cream Freeze with this step by step instructional dance video. Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) has made many popular dances from the Hoedown Throwdown to the Ice Cream Freeze. 

Check out our other videos where we do the Hoedown Throwdown, do the breakdown for the dance, and do our own dance moves to Party in the USA.

In this Miley Cyrus dance lesson video, we break down the Ice Cream Freeze step by step so you can learn to do the dance too.  We used a green screen in the back while filming, and added in a photo of a cool looking ice cream shop.  We are joined by our friends Emma, Monica and Megan.

Hope you enjoy this dance and have fun with it.  Check out our video where we are wearing Sumo wrestling suits – we try to do the ice cream freeze dance while wearing them.  Not easy!