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Ball ,Change, Step

Kids Hip Hop Dance Lessons

This basic hip hop dance move is taught by Caroline from So You Think You Can Dance Canada. She takes time out to teach the girls a dance move called "Ball, Change, Step".

This dance move can also be used in other forms of dance, like jazz.  Many workshops and technique classes are based on teaching dance combos – or a series of steps put together to make a routine.  You can use the same basic combo for different dances and choreography once you have mastered the steps. 

The number of routines you can put together are limitless, and the combo can look very different based on speed of steps, arm movements, hip movements and so on. We post many different combos on Fit For A Feast – broken down into short lessons to make them easy to learn.  Once you know a bunch of combos and dance steps, you can make up your own choreography to your favorite music.