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The Body Roll

Street Style Hip Hop- Dance Lesson

This hip hop dance move is taught by Caroline from So You Think You Can Dance Canada. She takes time out to teach the girls a hip hop move called the body roll.

Dancers who do this type of dance feel a sense of freedom and energy.  Anyone at any age can learn how to dance hip hop.  Hip hop dancing is not as technical as ballet, jazz or tap.  In fact, hiphop doesn’t have specific names for each type of step as does ballet dancing, jazz dancing or tap dancing.  On the other hand it can be a bit challenging because of the different body movements so a good beginner step by step course can help you get the basics.

The body roll can be done facing forward, as in this video, or to the side.  It is a fun move to do and looks really cool.  Once you have learned the basics, practice in front of the mirror until it looks just right.

Soon you will be freestyling, bboying-breaking, popping, locking and doing hip hop dance moves to some energizing tracks.