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Dance Kicks Tutorial

Dance Kicks Tutorial Video

Kicks are used in every form of dance and also in gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, skating, and other forms of fitness.  We breakdown steps and give you tips on how to do higher dance kicks in your dance performance.

Before you practice the kicks, do some stretches to warm up your muscles and legs.  You can also check out our videos on how to do the splits to get some tips and stretches to improve leg flexibility.  Building up your strength and flexibility takes time, so don’t get discouraged if your kicks are not as good as you would like.  Just keep practicing and do lots of stretches.

There is a lot of technique required to do kicks properly. There are also different types of kicks.  We walk you through the steps, including the plier, brush, and relever.  We show you why it is important to keep your hips under, shoulders down and foot turned out.

You want to keep your practising these simple steps can get your kicks looking higher, straighter and better.  Once you know the steps and things to watch for, practice them in front of a mirror.  Our friends Monica, Emma and Megan join us on this video.  Thanks guys!