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Kids Cardio Workout Video

Exercise to warmup for Dance

This kids cardio workout video was put together by professional dancer, Julian Franch. Check out our other videos from Julian including Latin American Salsa, cha cha and jive.

This video is a warm up to get the oxygen flowing and the muscles warmed up for dance.  Many schools have started a program called QDF – or quality daily fitness – where kids stand up in the class and do several minutes of cardio or dance to get the oxygen flowing to the brain.  You can expand the moves in this video to make a longer workout.  Put on some music and have fun with your own moves.  The important thing is to be active and work on fitness.

Cardio means that you get your heart rate up.  There are many forms of exercise, but some are more vigorous than others.  It is important give your heart a workout, since it is also a muscle. 

Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to get give your heart, lungs and muscles a workout.  As the workouts get easier, increase the time a bit.  You will just keep getting more fit and fabulous!