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Jete Split Jumps

How to do Ballet Jete Split Leaps

The dance move Jete originates from the Ballet dance styles but is applied in many different forms of dance, cheerleading and even skating.

Here are some valuable tips on how to get your Jete looking strong and how to stretch and exercise to improve your Jetes. A great foundation in the splits is needed because the splits you do on the ground are the ones you will get in the air.

Whether you call these dance moves Jete split leaps or Jete split jumps, Jetes or other term, it is basically doing the splits in the air. See the video for the proper landing techniques. There are many ways to prepare or "prep" for take-off as well.

A Jete is like a leap from one foot to the other with a split in the air. In order to be able to do the splits in the air, you must first master them on the ground.
Even if you don't have your splits yet, you can still practice good Jete technique so that your jumps will just get wider and wider with practice and increased flexibility.

Kat Sloane SplitsOnce you have at least a 90 degree angle of your stretched legs over the ground, your jete will be in fine form. Mastering the splits and oversplits will help you get them even higher.

Check out some of our splits videos on how to do the splits and stretches for splits. (There are links to all 3 videos in this Jete Split Jumps video)

The Grand Jete in ballet is also applied to other dance styles including acro and gymnastics type of dance.

Take time to master each individual part of the Jete or ballet jump by concentrating on your preparation (the run before the jump to gain momentum) and to get a consistent take-off. Then comes the flight phase where both feet are off of the ground and going into the "splits in the air" with pointed toes and ankles at the same height. Finally the landing should be balanced and smooth.

With increased coordination and conditioning comes an increase in your ability to perform this move. What does that mean? The more you practice, the better you get!


Hope you enjoy practising your Jetes!